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Mark delivers interactive and engaging speaking programs to eliminate territorial thinking and build a functional, collaborative, aligned team.
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“At Parthenon Management Group, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic and forward-thinking company dedicated to excellence in management and leadership. As a team, we constantly strive for growth, innovation, and empowerment. Mark Kenny’s session was the highlight of our annual staff retreat, aligning seamlessly with our company’s values, aspirations, and the entire theme of the retreat.”

Jacob Hinnen, Parthenon Management Group


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“The Kentucky Chapter of IPMA-HR had an awesome conference yesterday with excellent speakers! Mark Kenny drove home our conference theme and knocked it out of the ball park! Absolute grand slam! Mark, thank you for such a great presentation and look forward to having you back in the future!”

Dale Clemons, HR Director, Commonwealth of Kentucky

Speaker Preview

“The feedback on your keynote was outstanding! It was a wonderfully different approach that really helped to foster connection among participants from the start and set the stage for engagement throughout the rest of the conference!”

Natalie Trent, CUPA-HR

“Thank you, Mark, you were amazing. I didn’t know what to expect and you exceeded my expectations.”

Meda Merritt, AFSA

“The content was spot-on, and the engagement activities were excellent. It will be a hard act to follow for our next speaker.”

Amy Scully, Institute of Management Accountants

mark’s KEYNOTE TopicS

Mark’s speaking programs are filled with audience interaction and engaging content to educate, connect, and inspire your audience to take action!

Becoming Strategically Unified: How Each of Us Can Wipe Out Territorial Thinking and Create a Healthy Team Culture

We all want to feel part of a healthy team culture where we get along and work together, across organizational boundaries, to achieve amazing results. But for many teams and organizations, territorial thinking is destroying our communication, collaboration, and connection. It’s natural to look out for our own interests and priorities. We’ve all done it. But it’s increasingly demoralizing and frustrating in today’s team environment.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to solve because the barriers are of our own making. That means that until we each do the work of breaking down our own barriers, we’ll never experience the team culture we all want.

In this keynote, learn a simple formula to break down the barriers we’ve created between us, to experience the pride, enjoyment, and satisfaction of being on a Strategically Unified team.

After this keynote your audience will be able to

  • Explore ways to break down barriers and reduce negative us vs. them thinking.
  • Learn individual strategies from the Strategically Unified framework to create a better team culture.
  • Accept the challenge of building a Strategically Unified culture.

Designed for audiences of all levels.

The Strategically Unified Leader: How to Get Past Territorial Thinking and Unite Your Team

As leaders, we don’t expect a fragmented, disjointed, or deenergized team. But many of us experience it. We want to build a strong team culture that drives outstanding results, but we often fail to foresee the territorial thinking, disruptive conflict, and unexpected difficulties. It leaves us, as leaders, feeling foggy, frustrated, and less confident.

It’s time to get to work in building a Strategically Unified culture. The problem is that in today’s climate of increasingly territorial and us vs. them thinking, the “typical” ways of managing don’t work. Without the right tools and framework, nothing changes.

In this keynote, learn the simple formula to break down barriers and experience the pride, enjoyment, and satisfaction of leading a Strategically Unified team.

After this keynote your leaders will be able to:

  • Describe a Strategically Unified team or organization.
  • Learn the variables that impact the ability for a team to be Strategically Unified.
  • Use the Strategically Unified formula to break down barriers and increase communication, collaboration, and connection on your team.
  • Accept the challenge of building a Strategically Unified culture.

Designed for leaders at every level.

    Silos of the Mind: How to Improve Cooperation across Boundaries

    After this session, your audience will be able to:

    • Describe why connecting silos is better than breaking down silos.
    • Examine the destructive role of artificial silos.
    • Construct a plan to tear down artificial silos and connect the productive silos in your organization.

    This topic is best for:

    • Leaders at any level.

    The interactive format kept everyone engaged and opened up the opportunity for a new dialog at the hospital about how we need to lead our teams differently.
    Scott Buchanan | Williamson Medical Center