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Mark’s speaking programs equip leaders and their teams with the inspiration, blueprints, skills, and tools to build functional, collaborative, aligned teams.


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“The Kentucky Chapter of IPMA-HR had an awesome conference yesterday with excellent speakers! Mark Kenny drove home our conference theme of Revitalize the Workforce and knocked it out of the ball park! Absolute grand slam! Mark, thank you for such a great presentation and look forward to having you back in the future!”

Dale Clemons, HR Director, Commonwealth of Kentucky

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Releasing the Moment

Eliminating the Gaps Between Us

Typical Alignment Approaches

A Future to Pursue Together

“The feedback on your keynote was outstanding! It was a wonderfully different approach that really helped to foster connection among participants from the start and set the stage for engagement throughout the rest of the conference!”

Natalie Trent, CUPA-HR

“Thank you, Mark, you were amazing. I didn’t know what to expect and you exceeded my expectations.”

Meda Merritt, AFSA

“The content was spot-on, and the engagement activities were excellent. It will be a hard act to follow for our next speaker.”

Amy Scully, Institute of Management Accountants

Keynote Topics

Mark’s opening and closing keynotes set an interactive tone for your participants to engage, learn, and apply.


How to Build a Functional, Collaborative, Aligned Team in an Overwhelmed Workplace

Work is done in teams. If your teams are not functional, collaborative, and aligned, it creates downstream problems such as low morale, disengagement, turnover, apathy, and stagnation. But how do you actually build this type of team when everyone feels overwhelmed and the very workplace has changed? The answer starts with how we view our job as leaders. After over 20 years of working to help teams and organizations implement change, Mark has learned a thing or two. In this session, Mark will share three key actions for you to take right now to build a functional, collaborative, aligned team that is more productive and more fun.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the job of the leader at different levels in the organization.
  • Discuss the three actions to build a functional, collaborative, aligned team.
  • Conduct a conversation with your team about what needs to happen next.
  • Create an action plan to transform your team.


How Leaders Must Inspire and Engage their Team after a Season of Disruption and Uncertainty

After the last few years of disruption, disengagement, and upended workforce expectations, it is critical, as leaders, to reinspire and revitalize your team. But how can we revitalize when people feel disengaged, isolated, and even stand-off’ish? After over 20 years of working to help teams and organizations implement change, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to actually revitalize teams. And I’ve discovered that changing our perspective along with a commitment to a few key steps creates the sense of fulfillment, belonging, and joy that we all want for both ourselves and our teams.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the shift you must make as a leader before your team can engage, collaborate, and align.
  • Construct a simple, clear future around which your team can align.
  • Conduct the three conversations your team needs in order to revitalize together.
  • Engage with people within and beyond your team in a way that they will listen and lean in instead of ignore and stand-off.


How Leaders Align Their Organization to Thrive in Uncertain Times.

For any leader hoping to build a legacy of lasting success despite disruption, change, and uncertainty, the first step is to solve the right problem. It’s not retention, lack of engagement, burnout, workforce issues, or generational differences.

Lasting success requires building an organization that embraces forward change together instead of its people, teams, and departments constantly moving in separate silo’ed directions. Achieving this level of collaboration and unity is not easy but it is doable and necessary.

Join author and keynote speaker Mark Kenny as he shares the pillars from his book that are required to unite your organization and lift it to new heights.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how the five pillars work together to create unity and collaboration.
  • Assess on which of the five pillars your organization should focus its efforts.
  • Identify the shift that every leader must embrace before
    their organization can become united.
  • Construct the next steps for your organization to create unity, alignment, and cohesion.

Breakout Topics

Mark’s breakouts provide a more conversational, deep dive into particular topics and practical models around building functional, collaborative, aligned teams. These are a perfect format for conference breakouts, civic groups, or other more informal settings.

The Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization

As leaders, we tend to focus our energy on the smart side of business, such as strategy, finance, marketing, and technology. While being smart is important, a leader is equally responsible for building a healthy organization, with high morale, less confusion, high retention, less politics, and high productivity. But how does a leader practically go about building a healthy organization? In over 20 years of helping leaders and teams in various capacities, Mark has learned a thing or two about what works. In this interactive session, he will share the four disciplines for leaders to build a healthy organization, from Patrick Lencioni’s organizational health model, along with practical implementation tips.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe a healthy organization.
  • Discuss the four disciplines of a healthy organization.
  • Assess which discipline your organization should focus on.
  • Identify one practical action step for your organization or team.

How to Leverage the Teamwork Trifecta

As organizations navigate disruption, change, and uncertainty, many teams feel stuck, lost, confused, isolated, or even bored. In this interactive session, Mark shares the Teamwork Trifecta: three steps to build a highly functional, collaborative, and aligned team that embraces forward change, together. Spoiler: it’s not about doing more “teambuilding” but making the strategic decision to do the work of building a cohesive team. Teams that are cohesive are more productive as well as more satisfying and fulfilling teams that people don’t want to leave.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the three steps to build a cohesive team.
  • Analyze what may be holding your team back.
  • Construct and use specific, purposeful activities to re-engage your own team.
  • Appraise how to solve common team problems such as distrust, stagnation, and unhealthy conflicts.

    Working Genius: How to Do Work You Love and Help Others on Your Team Do the Same

    How can we become leaders who intentionally discover, honor, and leverage the geniuses and frustrations of the people on our teams and in our organizations? Based on Patrick Lencioni’s groundbreaking new model, Working Genius, discover how to ensure people are doing work they love, identify sources of frustration for yourself and others, increase the productivity of your teams, and improve overall morale.

    In this session participants will be able to:

    • Discover the 6 Types of Working Genius.
    • Understand your own gifts and frustrations.
    • Examine sources of frustration for yourself and others.
    • Apply these insights to improve hiring, retention, and morale.

    Recognize how to use our geniuses and frustrations to increase team productivity and cohesion.

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      • What does it mean to be an ideal team player?
      • How to save time and run great meetings.
      • How to influence others effectively.
        The interactive format kept everyone engaged and opened up the opportunity for a new dialog at the hospital about how we need to lead our teams differently.
        Scott Buchanan | Williamson Medical Center