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A Proven Process for Teams to Embrace Forward Change Together

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When the leadership or executive team of an organization, department, division, or agency becomes more functional, collaborative, and aligned, everything changes. The entire organization experiences less confusion, minimal politics, improved morale, higher retention, and a greater focus on what’s actually important.

Achieving this level of leadership doesn’t just happen, though. It demands intentionality, focus, and practice. That is why not every team is functional, collaborative, and aligned.

Mark’s strategic team consulting programs equip you and your leadership team with a lasting framework that is practical and simple to understand so that you can confidently lead your organization forward together.

Delivering a Lasting Impact

Mark’s strategic consulting program aligns executives, galvanizes team performance, and delivers a clear playbook for continued success.

Unfortunately, not all consulting programs are created equal. Mark takes your leadership team through a proven process that delivers a lasting impact.

Mark’s consulting program delivers a lasting impact through:

  • Proper planning and pre-work
  • An engaging, relevant, and productive off-site experience
  • Following a process built on proven methodologies
  • Practical, simple to understand tools and framework
  • Customized content to meet the specific needs of the group
  • Delivers a tangible playbook that drives continued momentum and clarity
  • Continued follow-ups, including debriefs, check-ins, coaching, and one-on-ones

Executive & Leadership Teams Will:

  • Receive a proven process for organizational transformation
  • Understand exactly how best to lead their organization
  • Lay a foundation for high trust, open communication, and cohesive leadership
  • Gain confidence knowing that you have a proven framework for gaining clarity and moving forward together
  • Know how to keep the transformation ongoing well after the process

“What a thought-provoking day we had yesterday, Mark. I think I speak for our entire team to say that we are indebted to you. We are indebted to you for wanting the best out of each one of us as  individuals, as a team and for Standing Stone. You bring clarity where we are foggy and have given us the tools which can strengthen us not for a moment but undergird our foundation.”

John Duval | Standing Stone

“Mark’s approach provided an unparalleled experience for our team to break down barriers.”

Nathan Estes | HealthTrust Purchasing Group

“You opened up the opportunity for a new dialog at the hospital about how we need to lead our teams differently.”

Scott Buchanan | Williamson Medical Center