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Re-Energize Your Team. Enjoy Leading Again.

Mark helps leaders build functional, collaborative, and aligned teams through his strategic consulting, speaking, and training programs.

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“After our time with Mark, we realized ways to be much more effective as a team and hold one another accountable. The walls have come down and the energy has gone up. We are working together in a much more healthy way.”

-Audria Frattini, FriendsLife

Mark Kenny Consultant and Facilitator

A fragmented, disjointed, deenergized team…

It is the last thing we expect when we step into a leadership position. But many of us experience it. We want to build a strong team culture that drives outstanding results, but we often fail to foresee the difficulties and unexpected turbulence. It leaves us, as leaders, feeling foggy, frustrated, and less confident. And it affects our ability to serve our customers, keep our top performers, align around a common goal, and achieve our leadership vision.

You have a choice…

What most leaders do is to try harder to pull the team together. The problem is that without a clear framework and process to diagnose and re-energize your team, nothing changes. But imagine…

  • Your team is re-energized and bought in, the walls come down, and the energy goes up.
  • You have a greater sense of pride in your team.
  • Your team is aligned around a common goal and is having fun working together.

That’s what leaders experience who work with Mark. Mark provides the framework, expertise, and tools to re-energize and align your team now. 

Why Mark?

Mark has helped leaders like you build functional, collaborative, aligned teams that are fun and deliver outstanding results. His consulting, speaking, and training programs provide:

Clarity on the Framework and Specific Steps to Re-Energize your Team

“What a thought-provoking day we had yesterday, Mark. I think I speak for our entire team to say that we are indebted to you. We are indebted to you for wanting the best out of each one of us as individuals, as a team and for Standing Stone. You bring clarity where we are foggy and have given us the tools which can strengthen us not for a moment but undergird our foundation.”

John Duval | Standing Stone

Mark Kenny Interactive Keynote

Meaningful, Productive Conversations to Create Team Cohesion

“We were good but not great. We were a fragmented, disjointed team. We all liked each other and got along, at least on the surface, but there was a real lack of cohesion. Now we have a path forward and a framework for how to get where we want.”

Alex Helton | Keller Williams


Daily, Weekly, Quarterly Practices to Create Short and Long-Term Results

“Mark’s expertise resonated deeply with our mission and helped to nurture leadership within our organization. Incorporating his wisdom into our daily practices has already started to create positive results.”

Jacob Hinnen | Parthenon Management Group

How to Work with Mark


We Have a Call

We’ll talk about what’s going on with your team.


We Determine What Your Team Needs

During our conversation, we’ll determine what your team needs to get where you want them to be.


We Get Your Team Re-Energized

By implementing Mark’s framework and tools, your team will become re-energized and aligned, laying the foundation for future growth.

Is Your Team Becoming More Functional, Collaborative, and Aligned?

Download the Team Scorecard to discover the right focus areas for your team to re-energize and become more functional, collaborative, and aligned.

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