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Welcome to the Becoming Unassailable podcast! This podcast is all about helping you build functional, collaborative, and aligned teams. Season 2 is dedicated to “Lessons from Leading Teams” from senior leaders.

Rick is CEO at the Diocese of Nashville, which really means that he leads not just one but two separate corporations / healthcare ministries: a 217 unit section 8 affordable housing corporation and a 98 bed assisted living corporation. In this episode, Rick shares many practical lessons from his experience in executive leadership, including factors in his success, key practices and tactics, challenges, his secret sauce, and his next level of success.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The importance of hiring the right person and how to recover when you don’t.
  • Why quarterly check-ins are so important.
  • How to model visibility, approachability, and set the right standard for all of your leaders.
  • How to cascade culture.
  • The importance of celebration, especially after the last three years in healthcare.
  • How to lead other executive leaders.
  • The importance of mission and a next-level vision.

Key Quotes

“Supporting your people through thick and thin creates a synergistic effect for your teammate to say ‘I’m going to support my leader because they support me.’”

“Think back early in your career, you’ve stumbled, you’ve fallen. Who do you really respect as a leader when you are growing into a career? It’s someone who helped pick you up.”

“How a person enters an organization is just as important as how a person leaves an organization.”

“Quarterly check-ins make the hard conversations easier for both sides of the table.”

It’s about “Visibility, approachability, and setting the right standard for all of our leaders, [including those] who report to another leader.”

“It’s easy to pick up the phone but I walk down the campus to visit the other building to visit in person because there is nothing like eyeball to eyeball.”

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About Rick

Connect with Rick on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-borofski/

Mr. Borofski is a seasoned senior healthcare executive. He has more than 25 years’ experience in executive leadership roles in national health systems and regional integrated health systems. He has a passion for leading organizations with a focus on growing and maximizing opportunities to increase market share.

He is a skilled leader with a proven ability to create and lead high performing teams. Known for his ability to lead diverse groups connecting vision, strategy, operational excellence and accountability, he has served in senior executive roles in organizations ranging in size from $1 billion in revenue to $12 billion in revenue. He has successfully led financial turn-arounds as well as improving the performance of already high-performing organizations. As the lead executive for growth in a ‘B” Market, he was able to improve the top line from 30 million dollars to 81 million dollars, creating an “A” Market for a Fortune 500 company.