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Welcome to the Becoming Unassailable podcast! This podcast is all about helping your executive or leadership team thrive amid change and disruption by embracing forward change, together, as a team, which is the only way for your organization to become unassailable.

If you are struggling to build trust on your team or you have that feeling that something is just not quite right with your team, this episode of the new Becoming Unassailable #podcast is for you!

In this episode, I talk with Justin Patton, whose latest book is all about trust.

What you will learn in this jam-packed episode:

  • Trust boils down to three specific elements
  • The three question trust test: can you say yes to these three questions?
  • 4 steps to repair trust 

Key truths you will hear about trust:

  • Trust is your biggest competitive advantage
  • Trust is how you get results through people instead of dragging them along
  • You cannot heal what you cannot talk about
  • People can handle the truth. What they can’t handle is secrecy.

Justin Patton is an executive coach, leadership presence expert, and award-winning author of four books who challenges individuals to use their presence to communicate with stronger trust – both in the workplace and with the people they love the most. 

Justin believes if you ever want to be a great leader of other people, you must first be a great leader of yourself. Justin studied body language from a former FBI agent and coached NCAA athletes and contestants in the Miss America and Miss USA pageants. He is currently a faculty member for the US Chamber of Commerce, and a member of both the International Coach Federation and National Speakers Association. 

Justin’s engaging style, relatable storytelling, and insightful messages make him a sought-after keynote speaker. His programs will inspire you to reimagine who you are at your best and think differently about how you lead, love, and communicate.

You can learn more about Justin at www.justinpatton.com or @JPinspires across all social media.

Don’t forget to buy Justin’s book, Your Road to Yes!: How to Build Trust in Yourself and with Others..